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TMMA – About Us

Teach Me Mobile Apps (TMMA) provides detailed information regarding mobile application development from a novice user to an advanced mobile development expert. It gives insights on essentials, strategies, tutorials, tips & tricks, interview questions, trends, updated news in the field of mobile application development. It’s a cocktail of different mobile technologies and offer a horizontal coverage of all areas. The contents are arranged in such a way that it traverses a person with a minimum or no understanding of mobile development taking them through the different technologies and giving him various reasons, explanations and articles which can help him to know in detail about this field. It’s a recommended site for each and every person out there whether they want to enter into this field or developers who are pursuing to enhance their knowledge. Over the couple of weeks or months, the site is expected to have an article on each and every area of mobile field.

For New entrants/Casual user: –

Mobile development is fairly a new domain across majority of computer users. The growth of Mobile apps development was so fast that it was too quick for many to adopt it. TMMA helps this large set of people who are yet to enter into this field to give a glimpse of the various technologies in use. The broad nature of the site helps a new user in deciding which area(s) to specialize in mobile development.

Historical references of mobile technology, current trends in development, upcoming changes to the field of study, latest developments are covered. Also it takes you into different development platforms like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows development, etc. Most of the basic sections are fundamental in nature without any serious use of technical jargons. Instead of focusing on any particular area or operating system, it provides various options available for a new user to choose from and gives him the know-how to decide on where to start.


For Mobile Developers / Architects / Management professionals

The site offers various articles in advanced areas too. References and links to other topics in mobile development, tutorials and data sheets, sample codes, exercises helps developers in updating their understanding. As this field is evolving so rapidly that its required for every professional in this field to keep posted on latest happenings.


 For Job seekers

Interview questions, articles on specialized topics, programming exercises on advanced areas helps an application developer or an expert in this area to brush up their skills.


For General public

TMMA is a recommended site for the large public to get a basic knowledge on how to use mobile technology to their advantage. It could be a daily mobile user, corporate heads, management professionals out there wanting to get a basic idea of mobile applications. Further the site offers extensive articles on capitalizing on mobile technology for the benefits of business development.